Food and Basics Pantry

South County Community Services (SCCS) operates one of the over twenty Loaves and Fishes Pantries in Kalamazoo County. We partner with Loaves and Fishes to provide four days of food to any person who is hungry and in need of food. SCCS uses the “shopping” model—intended to maximize consumer choice and encourage good nutrition. SCCS receives exceptional local support from food drives, church groups, and area businesses, which provide us with donations in order to increase the amount and variety of food that we can offer. Any resident of Kalamazoo is welcome, and is encouraged to call Loaves and Fishes (343-3663) in the morning for a same-day appointment. The SCCS Pantry is open Monday through Thursday 1:00pm to 3:00pm; if you need food on a Friday, Loaves and Fishes will schedule you at another pantry.

Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) Kiosk and Navigator

South County Community Services is proud to offer a DHHS kiosk and scanner. If you need to apply for benefits, check on a completed application, or turn in proofs, you are welcome to come to the office and use the computer to do so. The Emergency Assistance Coordinator is trained to provide assistance with the kiosk through the MDHHS Navigator program. We have a variety of forms and postage paid envelopes and can print any forms that are available on the MDHHS website for your use. We encourage you, however, to utilize our scanner and kiosk to turn in proofs and applications as much as possible, as electronic methods tend to be more reliable and much faster.


Building Strong Families

South County Community Services (SCCS) partners with Generous Hands to help families manage their resources for back-to-school needs, holiday celebrations and an annual picnic to kick of summer vacation. These seasonal events are fun for the whole family and include help with household needs such as food, school supplies, transportation and clothing.

Senior Outreach

SCCS has started the AGING WELL IN SOUTH COUNTY program in recent years. With the help of Vicksburg United Way, Vicksburg Rotary, Senior Services, the Area Agency on Aging IIIa (AAA), and the support of many other individuals and groups, SCCS has identified and addressed many senior needs for South County residents. 

Kinship Caregivers is a program for seniors over the age of 60 who are raising relative children. This program provides social support, basic needs assistance and connection with helping professionals. It is funded by the Area Agency on Aging IIIa (AAA) and is administered by SCCS staff. AAA also hosts healthy living classes such as Matter of Balance and Creating Confident Caregivers.

The Vicksburg Rotary partners with SCCS to offer the SAFE AT HOME program which helps seniors stay safely in their homes by installing items such as grab bars, smoke alarms and other safety devices. The program also focuses on fall prevention and emergency preparedness targeted to senior needs.