606 N. Spruce Street
Vicksburg, MI 49097


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Board Leadership

Pictured here are the members of the South County Community Services Board, the group of dedicated volunteers who govern the agency. Back Row (left to right): Pastor Greg Culver, Rick Davison, David Sirotti, Larry Forsyth, Andrew Horne and Lorna Landrum.  Seated (left to right): Danna Downing, Director, Deb Vliek, Noni Heikes and Jacklyn Skinner, Board President. David Sirotti is currently serving as Treasurer. Deb Vliek is the current Secretary.  Larry Forsyth is the chairperson of the Personnel Committee and Facilities Coordinator.

Together this group volunteered 1278 hours in 2018 to support the SCCS Mission and Goals. The board meets monthly except for the month of December. Primary strategies and goals for 2019 include:

  1. Completion of the succession plan for the retirement of the SCCS Director
  2. Completion of Stage 4 of the AGING WELL IN SOUTH COUNTY initiative, including senior outreach growth in the areas of transportation, basic needs, and connections to the services seniors need to remain healthy and independent as long as possible in their own community.
  3. To maintain and grow partnerships with emergency service agencies and community groups to make sure that South County residents can meet their basic needs on a regular basis.
  4. Securing sustainable funding for programs and services

Staff Members

Tamra Stafford, Drew Johnson and Austin Wiggins.

Drew is training Austin to assume his Emergency Coordinator responsibilities this fall. Drew will gradually take over the director’s responsibilities as the year ends. 

Tamra Stafford, the newly hired Transportation Coordinator at SCCS, is being trained by Danna this summer. Drew, Danna and the SCCS Board are excited about the new hires and the skills and dedication they will bring to South County residents. 

Currently South County Community Services (SCCS) is in flux and working toward the retirement of the current director in November of 2019. 

In addition, in the coming months, SCCS hopes to be bringing a new Senior Outreach Coordinator on board.  The senior outreach position and the transportation coordinator are made possible by Vicksburg United Way and Senior Millage support, as well as prudent use of operational funds.

Under the leadership of the SCCS Board, and with strong community support, the agency expects to continue to increase the number of families served and the breadth and depth of current programming.  We invite you to get involved and join the fun!