Volunteer Application


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Confidentiality Agreement

As a volunteer, I agree to hold confidential all information that I may have access to about clients or former clients of South County Community Services. I will not share any information with unauthorized people including other volunteers.

Release of Liability

When volunteering for South County Community Services, I have a right to decline any volunteer tasks requested of me and I am fully responsible for protecting my body from any harm and for any and all choices I make including yet not limited to:

• Lifting, moving or carrying heavy objects such as food, clothes, furniture, etc.
• Assisting disables, frail or elderly clients to walk, sit or stand, etc.

I accept responsibility for my choices and release both the Village of Vicksburg and South County Community Services from any liabilities, damages, losses, claims, causes of action, and suits of law pertaining to any harm I may receive from my choices.