When Monique caught COVID-19 towards the end of 2021, she was devastated. “I did everything I was supposed to and I still got it. I was so depressed, I lost a lot of weight, couldn’t cook, couldn’t go to the bathroom on my own. It was very hard for me that my kids saw me like that.”

She also couldn’t work. Monique is a single mom and she was unable to work for four months because she was on oxygen and barely able to get around the house on her own. “I was in a panic. I was worried about losing my home, feeding my kids… I’m a mom so I can’t fail. Your kids need you and they can’t do anything without you. You can’t fail. You have to keep going.”

In the middle of all this, the mail came with a disconnection notice: her water bill was overdue and the company was planning a shut-off.

Monique called South County Community Services and talked to Austin, our Emergency Assistance Coordinator, who authorized us to cover the cost of her bill, set up food deliveries, and referred her to places that could help with other bills and with her mortgage. “I didn’t have to jump through a bunch of hoops with SCCS. That was the best part. I tried going to other places, but they wanted so much paperwork and it was overwhelming. I couldn’t handle it.” We continued to support Monique as she pulled herself back up with help from friends and neighbors, who delivered meals and decorated her yard for Halloween.

COVID-19 caused memory issues, and dangerous blood clots, and forced Monique to be on oxygen for months. “I couldn’t work. I have a very physical job and I work 12-hour shifts. I just couldn’t do it.”

Today things are stabilizing for Monique and her family. She’s shed the oxygen tank and her energy is coming back. And she’s determined to catch up on all her bills so she can make her son’s coming high school graduation extra special.

“South County Community Services saved us. We’re blessed to live in Vicksburg with people who support each other.”

There are countless people like Monique across South County, each with their own unique stories and needs. Each one thought they had things worked out, but in an instant felt the ground below them shift dangerously.

They need a safety net when the unexpected happens, and we must be there for them if it does. This is why YOU matter to neighbors like Monique all across South County.


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