Early in 2018, Generous Hands (GH) and South County Community Services (SCCS) determined to look for a shared location to increase cooperation and the level of service to their families. Members of both organizations began a series of meetings to make a plan for the future.

Past experiences in working together on many projects and an alignment of strategic goals assured the two groups they could work together and enhance the synergy between the organizations more fully. They decided to formalize the process and continue the joint venture under the name Synergy Committee.

In order to clarify each organization’s responsibilities and shared goals, the team created a Letter of Understanding. This document would also assure the community, funders and service partners that there was a long-term agreement to work together on behalf of South County residents. The planners also held themselves accountable do a minimum of quarterly meetings (or as needed) to discuss topics relevant to their joint lease, day-to-day operations at the property, joint use of the property, and potential collaborative opportunities.

The Letter of Understanding was key to attracting redevelopment funds from the Vicksburg Foundation and provided assurance to Steve Huntington who is the GH/SCCS landlord and property developer. Thanks to their faith and hard work, GH and SCCS are now able to offer a beautiful new site at 606 Spruce that has been built to meet the specific needs of both organizations. The organizations want to thank all who made this project possible.  They stand ready to serve.

The Generous Hands Team is on the left (from front to back):  Sheri Louis, Director; Jan Modderman-Hui, President; Paula Schriemer, Founder, Kay Anderson, Trustee; and Nick Lam, Treasurer

The SCCS Team is on the right (from front to back): Danna Downing, Director; Jackie Skinner, President; Drew Johnson, Emergency Assistance/Director in Waiting; David Sirotti, Treasurer; and Larry Forsyth, Facilities Coordinator