It was just under two years ago when the unthinkable happened: in the blink of an eye, Rebecca lost the love of her life, Robert.

Older and faced with being on her own since her husband’s passing, she found herself deeply grieving and struggling mightily. Robert had been her rock – he maintained their home, managed their finances, and helped with tons of chores. With Robert gone, things began to go downhill quickly for Rebecca. An existing painful spinal injury was exacerbated by the stress. Then came a broken foot, making it impossible for her to get out for food. Her nutrition began to suffer. Then came the financial blows. Her prescription costs skyrocketed to nearly $500 a month due to her injuries. She learned she was about to lose Robert’s VA pension. Then word came that her septic system needed repairs. Rebecca was overwhelmed.

But these are the difficult times that South County Community Services is there for.

Our Senior Outreach Coordinator jumped into action to deliver nutritious food, talk with Rebecca about her challenges, and discuss solutions. Our Financial Assistance and Guidance Programs are helping her through tight times, making it possible for her to receive home‑delivered meals, and ensuring she gets the medication she needs, her lights stay on, and septic repairs are made. Soon, volunteers through our new Safe‑At‑Home Program will also install grab bars and non‑slip tub mats, add lighting throughout Rebecca’s home, and update her smoke detectors to keep her safe. “SCCS is such a blessing to our community,” she told us recently. “You have been phenomenal – such a great support.”

One source of comfort through all this has been Ollie, a Dachshund Rebecca and Robert got together. “Ollie is my baby,” she says quietly, scratching the chocolate brown pup between her ears. “She watches out for me. I donʹt know what Iʹd do without her.”

Another great source of comfort to Rebecca has been you – donors like you help make the support we provide to people like Rebecca possible!

Behind Rebecca’s brown recliner in her front room sets Robertʹs drum set, adorned with pictures of him and other memorial items. She can’t bear to take it down. “One of the worst parts of this all is not having Robert around to support and help me,” she confided.

She’s devastated about losing her independence so quickly and frightened that she won’t regain her strength. “But being able to call SCCS and get help is such a relief,” she notes. “I am eternally grateful you are here to support me.”

There are countless people like Rebecca across South County, each with their unique story and needs. Each one thought they had things worked out, but in an instant – or because of the pandemic – felt the ground below them shift dangerously. They need a safety net when the unexpected happens. Will you be there for them when it does?

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